An Old Fashioned Girl Character Analysis

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In the novel “An Old Fashioned Girl” by Louisa May Alcott, Polly Milton, a young country girl, moves to the city to become a music teacher. This is because her older brother wants to go to college but the family does not have the money. Polly being the good sister that she is, leaves her family to earn the much needed money. As the novel progresses, Polly begins to struggle against the high class society that surrounds her, though this is far more undesirable than she expected in the beginning. Though not always easy Polly tries to adjust to her new lifestyle, and proves herself to be kind, sensible, and brave. Polly is almost always a very kind person, she tries to be friendly to everyone she meets even if she does not care for them. One example of her kindness happens …show more content…

Polly’s sensibility is one of her most noticeable traits, Polly does not usually over react to things or spend money foolishly on objects she does not need. After Polly moved to the city and became a music teacher, she saved most of the money she earned and used it to pay for her brother’s education. Although Polly’s family did not have the money to pay for Wills education,
Polly had no problem earning the needed money for her brother. Polly can also be very frugal, she makes and mends most of her own clothes rather than buying new ones like most of the other ladies, later she even helps Fanny and Maud make their own dresses, hats, and other garments.
Polly does not find mending clothes a chore, she finds the activity rather fun and relaxing. It was very sensible for Polly to become a music teacher, not only because she was good at it, but also because she did not have to worry about spending more nonexistent money on her own college education. Although some might not think it, Polly is very smart with the way she saves money, and sticks to what she knows. Sometimes doing what you know is the best solution and Polly is a perfect example of

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