Symbolism In Through The Tunnel

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The story “Through the Tunnel” has different types of moods that set people’s mind differently. Impacts on the Characters , theme , and Symbolism are shown in the story . All of those elements make up the story “Through The Tunnel”. The topics mean different things to different people . The story is about a kid thats not obeying the parent just to fit in with other people . The setting in “Through The Tunnel” has an impact on the characters , Impact on theme and Creates Symbolism.
The setting in “Through the Tunnel” impacts the characters, Specifically Jerry. For example, in the beginning, Jerry was determined to fit in with the other boys. He told himself he would make it through the tunnel if it killed him . “Jerry exercised his lungs as if everything the whole of his life depended upon it” (33). Throughout the story, the setting also shows how jerry matures. Unlike in the beginning, Jerry has no interest in going to the bay at the end of the story. In the story, lessing tells the reader that “it was no longer of the least importance to go to the bay”(36).
Also , the setting of the story impacts the theme. One of the themes is the transition from childhood to adulthood . …show more content…

The beach symbolize the childhood that jerry was living in because when he was at the beach he didn't care about nothing anybody said to him. “they understood that he was a foreigner strayed from his own beach, and they proceeded to forget him. But he was happy. He was with them.” (3) . The bay symbolize the adulthood because he learn a lesson that he has nobody to impress and he learn that he should lesson to older people like his mom before he try to do something that he knows is wrong . The tunnel represent the adolescence because it let jerry knows that he only has one chance to prove to his mom that he cane more mature . Jerry knows that him and his mom has to go back home soon so he tries to impress his

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