Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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In the book, A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, Salva learns it is okay to rely on others for help. This essay view’s on how Salva was able to make it through the desert, despite all the difficulties, using motivating words from his uncle. “He had to slow down, and for the first time on the long journey, he had began to lag behind the group.” (Linda Sue Park,53) At this point in the walk through the Akobo Desert Salva was behind the group thirsty, injured, and tired, not sure if he could keep walking. “When they reached the bushes, Uncle pointed out a clump of rocks up ahead and told Salva to walk as far as the rocks.”(Linda Sue Park, 54) Salva’s uncle didn’t let him stay behind and motivated him with small checkpoints to keep going through the heat of the desert. In addition, Salva thought it was impossible to make it through the desert yet he was able to make it to the end. …show more content…

“So Salva learned two things Michael: how to read and how to play volleyball.” (Park, 87) It can be seen that Salva received help from an Ireland aid worker name Michael, a guy who noticed that Salva needed help with improving his English, and that Salva was determined to learn. “Salva! Come quickly! Your name is on the list today!” (Linda Sue Park, 89) Michael comes running to wake Salva and let him know that his name had been put on the list for people to go America. In brief, accepting someone's help isn’t bad it’s rather

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