The Glass Castle Fire Analysis

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What is a symbol of a story? A symbol is something that stands for something else. Also it can contain several layers of meanings that stand for, or represent, something else. Symbol is using an object or action that has a deeper meaning for something more than its literal meaning. The story The Glass Castle contains a lot of different types of symbolic meanings. The symbolic item that I think has a deeper meaning from others is fire. Fire can mean so many different meanings but in the book fire symbolizes chaos, fear and destruction. First, of all like I have mentioned in the beginning fire can stand for an infinite amount of reasons. But one of the meanings of fire is fear, which in the story when Jeanette Walls was three years old that …show more content…

Chaos is a state of extreme confusion and disorder. Which is what most of Jeanette’s life is throughout the story. In The Glass Castle Desert Section 15 Jeanette finds herself in another confrontation with her mortal enemy fire. Jeanette has gotten into a situation with fire that she couldn’t handle on her own. Jeanette and her brother Brian were in a shack that they called their laboratory. They both started mixing random chemicals in a jar but when she lit a match, throw it in there she basically created her own chaos. “Brian and I were knocked to our feet. When we stood up, one of the walls was on fire. I yelled to Brian that we had to get out of there, but he was throwing sand at the fire, saying that we had to put it out or we'd get in trouble”. This scene shows how much chaos that was created by Jeanette in the story which dragged her little brother in it. In conclusion fire is represented and mentioned a lot in The Glass Castle. Fire symbolizes fear, chaos and destruction. In her life Jeannette has been through a lot of trials dealing with fires. She concurred being homeless, having to starve and being abused. In the story like her dad said she already fought the fire once and

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