Water For Elephants Character Analysis Essay

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Character development is a crucial element to any story, especially due to the fact that is is utilized to create depth within a piece of writing. In Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen presents an extremely dynamic character by the name of Jacob Jankowski. In his old age, he undergoes a significant change in his attitude throughout his time at the nursing home. Through the remembrance of old memories from his life at the circus, Jacob Jankowski develops a sense of happiness and rediscovers his independence. While living in a nursing home with a family who no longer has time for him, Jacob Jankowski feels like he does not belong. He secludes himself from his friends and complains constantly about the lack of good food choices, the complete opposite of what is available in the circus. Outside of a window, Jacob spots the circus’ big top and starts to remember all the positive memories…show more content…
He recognizes that independence can be created from within instead of given to him. Taking his new knowledge, Jacob moves “to the edge of my seat and reach for my walker” (322). He no longer needs to rely on his caretakers or his family; he just needs to believe in himself in order to succeed. Jacob walks himself all the way to the circus, where he finds his home from the past and now the future. While in the nursing home, Jacob was dependent on the staff, especially Rosemary, but when she tells him she is leaving, he knows it is his chance to leave as well. His attitude completely changes just from finding his real home: the circus. Jacob Jankowski progresses into a happier man due to his rediscovered independence and acceptance of himself. Instead of holding onto his gloomy attitude toward life, Jacob recognizes the changes that he has to make. With the circus there to guide him yet again, Jacob discovers the life where he can live happily with freedom for the rest of his
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