Summary Of Water For Elephants By Sara Gruen

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Character development is a crucial element to a story, especially in Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Jacob Jankowski, a dynamic character, undergoes a significant change in his attitude throughout his time at the nursing home. Through the remembrance of old memories from his life at the circus, Jacob Jankowski develops a sense of happiness and rediscovers his independence. While stuck in the nursing home with a family who forgot about him, Jacob Jankowski felt like he did not belong. He was closed off from the rest of the people at the nursing home, including his friends whom he ditched after they sat with “an old coot,” (Gruen 10) one who supposedly carried water for elephants. Knowing the truth, Jacob called him out but was pushed to his room to calm down and receive medication. Unhappily, Jacob retreated to eating alone and dwelling in his own miserable thoughts. He even “cling[s] to my anger with every ounce of humanity left in my ruined body” (Gruen 69). With the anger built up inside of him from the “old coot” (Gruen 10) he dwelt with to the lack of food choices, Jacob stays locked in his room most of the time and only ventures out to appease Rosemary, his favorite nurse. However, during her stay with him, Jacob learns to …show more content…

However, right before he accepts himself, he sees “there have been hints I was slipping” (Gruen 217). Wanting to believe he is still as young as he was during the circus, Jacob pushes all thoughts of aging out of his mind. He realizes that the moments he forgot entire conversations and names are actually signs of him slipping. However, the next day, the day of the circus, Jacob comes to terms with his fading brain and body. He understands there will be good days and some bad days, but it comes with aging. There is nothing he can do to stop it, but he can live to the best of his

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