Oj Simpson Biography

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Orenthal James Simpson, known as "O.J. Simpson". Born in San Francisco California on July 9 in 1947. He was a former American football player. Since 1985, he was a member of the Hall of Fame. He was not only a football player; he was also an actor and television presenter. Despite his success in different fields which has given him a great reputation worldwide, he also faced difficult moments throughout his life. What are these fields in terms of success and failure? Simpson "Player" Years after his birth in San Francisco in 1947, son of an administrator of hospital named Eunice Durden, and a bank guard chef named Jimmy Lee Simpson, he started to play football for the team "The Galileo Lions” very early in the College "City College of San Francisco" …show more content…

Whitley on June 24 in 1967, with whom he had three children. The first was called Arenell, he had him in 1968, the second, Jason, and he had him two years after having the first one, i.e. in 1970. And finally, he had Aaren Lashone. However, Simpson went through a period of bitterness because the small child got drowned a month before her second birthday, and when Simpson was on his fifth month of divorce with his spouse. Thanks to an athletic scholarship that Simpson won, he became a selected runner at the University of Southern California in 1967 to 1968 where he played as a Running back. It was there that he started to gain fame at a worldwide level, where he was considered as the national leader in the United States, when he collected a number of yards equal to 1,451, in 1967 and he scored 11 touchdowns. However, he was going to overcome this amount in the next year, i.e. in 1968 when he ran a number of yards the equal to 1,709 and scored 22 touchdowns. That same year was a successful year for O.J. Simpson. Because he won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award, and Walter Camp Award in that same year. However things were not going to remain the same. Because having won both Prizes in 1968, in the NFL, in the 1968 regular season, his team lost 12 games, it won only one and had one tied something that made him fight to take this team forward. At that moment he just could mark an average of 622 yards per season. That was "The Buffalo Bills", which was very bad at that time; also the team was a member of the

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