The Assassination Of Malcolm X In The Civil Rights Movement

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Malcolm X Assassination Assignment Rough Draft

The assassination of Malcolm X, an essential figure in the civil rights movement, was unjust because it significantly hampered the progression of the civil rights movement; however, others though his death was necessary to halt the vocalization of the “radical” civil rights activist Malcolm X. This unforeseen inhumanity not only affected African Americans but Asian Americans, Hispanics, and even Europeans. This event impeded the learning of the politicians and regular people who were learning from his teachings and non-other such as Kochiyama Yuri, and even Martin Luther King himself. Due to the unjust actions of Thomas Hagan America has decreased the growth of minority empowerment in many ways. First, Malcolm X was inspirational in many aspects and his upbringing added to this aspect. Through his triumph and survival of the murder of his father in 1931 when he was six years old, but also educating himself in prison which he was in for seven years from the ages 21-28 (Draper 7).With this story, it inspired people in the various ethnic communities, and neighborhoods. Also, his teachings were able to connect to a wide audience and allow them to even set aside their differences to focus on the information Malcolm talks about …show more content…

Countless numbers of people have attempted to dehumanize him in various ways. For example, in, the author stated “Malcolm X own view of the world was pretty much tainted with anger, bitterness, and the desire to get back at the world that treated him pretty much unfairly”(Robinson Para.7).Malcolm X unnecessarily asserted dominance in the form of violence, some may say; while others assume Malcolm is a sort of terrorist (Robinson Para.7). Although many people perceive Malcolm as an unnecessary source of violence, and believe he was used gratuitously harmful approaches to attack white

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