What Is The Thesis Of Red Summer By Rebecca Onion

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the article “Red Summer” Rebecca Onion analyzes the different stories about lynching,

how african americans want their right and fight for them in 1919. The author write the article

as a form to let people learn about lynching, riots and racism.

The thesis of the article is when the writer, write about the death of Lemuel Walters who

was a black man accused of raping. He was found dead in mysterious conditions. The

author's main arguments are the awful violences of african- americans and how the fight for

their rights as a human being. The article talk about the currents 1919, when an african-

american was kill in mysterious conditions because he was accused of raping a white women.

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So they stop when they hear a bell ringing to summon reinforcements.

The stories of the article goes from the use of a single weapon against a home invader, to the

organization of defensive posses.

The Article teach me about how people was lynched just because they were african-

americans. Lynchers, accuse black people for crimes without research. Lemuel Walters’s

death was a clear example of this accion. He was a black man that was accused of raping a

white women and he was found dead in mistery conditions, they said that Lemuel’s action

was a romance and the dead of Lemuel was the result of a lynching. Also the article talk

about how african americans fight for their rights. David F. Krugler book “1919, The Year of

Racial Violence: How African Americans Fought Back” met the the action such as Jones and

David, who fight the white people that were against the african americans through legal

actions. This article have events that are good to read and know. Realized that

african-americans had a not easy life in that period of time, is such a good information to

understand more about what was happening.

In conclusion the major point of the article was, the differing stories about black

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