J. W. Milame For The Murder Of Emmett Till

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On August 24, a terrible crime occurred in our country. A young white boy noticed a young African-American male, half-submerged in the Tallahatchie River, at Pecan Point. He notified authorities and when they arrived, they concluded that the body was badly decomposed. They had also noticed a gunshot wound above the right ear, a missing left skull, a tongue swollen eight times its normal size, and an eye dangling from its socket. They had also noticed something peculiar, a ring on his finger with the initials L.T. written on it. Two men named Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were charged for the murder of Emmett Till after a statement from Moses “Preacher” Wright. Which was that these two men had come to his house to take him away. Due to the horrible …show more content…

Milam and Roy Bryant due to the fact that the gun used to kill him, matches the description of the gun owned by the Milams. On August 24, Emmett Till and his friends came to a store in Money, Mississippi. Emmett was dared to “score” a 21 year old store manager named Carolyn Bryant. When Carolyn refused to do anything with him, he sexually harassed her. Due to fear of abuse, Carolyn told the jury that she took out a gun from her sister-in-law, Juanita Milam’s car. When asked why she took the gun out, she replied that it was only used to scare them away. She also doesn’t remember putting the gun away. Given that she is married to one of the defendants, Roy Bryant, he easily could’ve taken the gun away from her and used it to murder Emmett Till. Also, given that the gun used to kill Emmett matches the description of the gun owned by the Milams, all signs point to Emmett being killed by the hands of J.W. Milam and Roy …show more content…

Emmett Till harassed one of the defendant’s wives at the store in Money, Mississippi. In the testimony of J.W.’s wife Juanita Milam, she said that a black teenager grabbed Carolyn by the waist and made offensive suggestions. When the teen was scared off by the gun Carolyn drew, he left the store by whistling and yelling “Bye, baby.” When Till’s cousin Curtis Jones was questioned about the actions of Emmett, he refused to accept the fact that his cousin would do such a thing and said that he only went in the store to get her number. No person would pull a gun out on someone just because they asked for their number. This signifies that Emmett was mostly likely doing other things to her, which made her feel uncomfortable causing her to pull out the gun. Additionally, Emmett Till had whistled to her and said “Bye, Baby” when he left. When his mother was asked about this, she said that Emmett had a speech problem and that is the reason he whistles. However, this doesn’t change the fact that he verbally abused her, giving a reason for her husband to get mad and possibly make a decision to kill

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