Samuel Leamon Younge Jr.: Murdered For Using The Bathroom

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Samuel Leamon Younge Jr: Murdered for using the bathroom Do you have a hero in your life that you think would never be hated because of only one thing? What would you do if they were black and you lived in 1960’s? Would you still help them? What if this was a kind person who helped so many people to get voting rights but white people didn’t like him doing that. Samuel Leamon Younge Jr just wanted to use a bathroom but there was only one and it was just for white people. Samuel Leamon Younge Jr. was a hero, but he was still killed because he was black. Younge was born on November 17, 1944, in Tuskegee, Alabama. He grew up with …show more content…

Segrest pulled his gun on Younge, so Younge grabbed a golf club to try to protect himself. Then Segrest fired the first shot. He missed, but he didn't miss the second shot. Segrest wasn’t prosecuted until a year later by an all-white jury. Segrest walked away a free man. The students of Tuskegee Institute Advancement League put Younge’s name on the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama to honor 40 people who were killed between 1954 and 1968. (Bourlin)

Davies-3 Although Younge was a hero, he was killed because he was black. He protected our country from Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He helped black people to register to vote. Despite the good things he did, Younge was killed because white people judged him by his skin

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