Brief Summary: The Murder Of Derrick Robie

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Eric Smith at the age of thirteen tortured and murdered a four year old child named Derrick Robie at a nearby woods. Eric was sentenced to nine years to life in prison. Eric was convicted for second degree murder. His reasoning for the murder was because Eric just wanted to see someone being hurt rather than him. The Robie family were suffering knowing one day he will be released back into society. After serving twenty eight years in prison Eric was released on parole.
ERIC SMITH LIFE STORY Eric Smith is from the village of Savona in New York. Growing up Eric was bullied for his appearances. Eric was bullied throughout his life as a child. He was also held back in school. While being a toddler he threw temper tantrums and banged …show more content…

Derrick used to play t-ball at a local park while did dad was his coach. Derrick would also like to go fishing with his father Dale Robie. Derrick was always the kid that was positive and the town really liked that. Derrick Robie had a very short life sadly. Derrick lived down the street from where he was murdered. Now Derrick has a statue of him at the place where he was …show more content…

2006,2008,2010,2012,2014,2016, and 2018 those are the dates his parole was denied but in 2021 his parole was granted. Eric was out on parole during 2022. When Eric was released on parole he wanted to live with his mother, before living with his finance.

CONCLUSION In conclusion, Eric Smith was a messed up kid that was fed up with life and getting bullied. Eric also wanted to see someone being hurt rather than him. My opinion on the case is the Eric was treated fairly for his punishment.

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