Interview As A Homicide Detective

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For my informational interview, I chose to interview a retired Homicide Detective name Shaun Donelson who is currently now a supervisor for detectives. I interview him because he worked in the field I want to pursue after receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. After the interview I realized becoming a Homicide Detective is not an easy path to go on there are requirements to follow. The minimum requirements to become a homicide detective is a Bachelor’s Degree and experience as a sworn law enforcement officer. Based on information provided in a detective website an average detective salary in California of $97,260 and this is based on an estimation of an hourly wage of $46.76. However, salary varies greatly depending on where you …show more content…

Since he was a homicide detective, he was always on call because of the rate of homicide in Los Angeles and San Diego was high on murders. His days started at seven in the morning and ended at almost at eight of the night depending on the work he had. His responsibility as a detective was to investigate homicide murders and find evidence to get suspects who committed the crime. When it came to interrogating the suspect or witness was the hardest things to do because there were some individuals who did not want to contribute to the interrogation. Being a Homicide Detectives there were difficult aspects of the job. For Detective Donelson the shifts changes were so difficult because he was called overnight when crimes occur which were between 10 pm and 3 am. Investigations were also some difficult aspects for him because it took him a lot of time to resolve which he had to work overtime and did not have a lot of time to rest or spend time with his family. Solving investigations made him happy because all the time spent was worth it for him and for the victims. A good day for him on his job was to be fortunate to work with the best detectives in his department. Putting together cases and solving them were the good days but, suspects were identified or getting enough evidence to file a case against a murderer was satisfying. Being a homicide detective can bring some pros and cons to the job field. For Detective Donelson the pros being a homicide detective were investigating crimes and finding the suspect who committed the crime and sending them to their time. The cons for this job were the long hours and the trauma of dealing every day with death. Also, attending autopsies and seeing dead bodies. During all the years working

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