Police Corruption Essay

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Corruption is a type of misconduct and offense in which the police break their contract and oath by abusing their power for personal gain or even for departmental gain. Examples of types of police corruption a. Bribery- police officer receives bribes so that they cannot write tickets for people who have gone against the law for example, from prostitutes and gambling, bribery does not only affect the united states but its world spread, examples of other countries with highest percentage of bribery are Pakistan and France. b. Assault on suspects- police officers use excessive force on suspects leading to injuries and at times suspects end up dying in their custody. Some police officers have been charged with murder of suspects in their custody. …show more content…

Reducing Police Corruption In 1990, Metz, suggested several ways which can encourage reduce officers misconduct for example, a. Provide a written code of ethics-these are polices written to guide the police to make ethical choices when situations arise. b. Provide training in law enforcement ethics- these trainings would help the police officers what is expected of them. Malloy in 1982, suggested that a salary increment for the police officers would encourage them to stop taking bribes, also suggested that unenforceable laws to be eliminated, this would help the police officers not to feel too much pressure in enforcing them. Police officers should take integrity rests from time to time; this would test if the officer will make honest choices when faced by a situation. This tests would lead to opening of investigations and uprooting corrupt and dishonest officers. Internal affairs model- this would help reduce corruption by investigating the officers from the department and resolve it internally from the

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