Of Two Men Charged With First-Degree Murder In 2016 Death Of Mississauga Man

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LOCAL The Local article chosen is about “2 Men Charged with First-Degree Murder in 2016 Death of Mississauga Man” by Briana Carnegie. The theme of ‘crime does not pay’ is shown in this article as the criminals receive their comeuppance. “Peel police charged Ronald Junior Thomas, 36, of Brampton with first-degree murder in connection with the homicide. Police also charged Treston Brown, 24, of Brampton with first-degree murder.” (Carnegie) This arrest leads to charges which further shows the criminals are being punished for their actions. The charges were most likely ten to twenty-five years of jail time for both men. “Investigators had conducted multiple search warrants at various locations in connection with the case and allegedly seized (multiple illegal weapons and drugs).” (Carnegie) In addition to murder charges, the two men are …show more content…

Together, the possession of illegal weapons and substances will result in around five years in prison in addition to a fine. In summary, Thomas and Brown will receive around twenty years of jail time as well as a fine in the thousands. Furthermore, these men were arrested after a year of committing the crime; this shows that no matter how long it takes, criminals will receive the punishment they deserve. INTERNATIONAL One of the most heard of international news is about the Texas shooting. In the article “Vegas Shooter's Body is Seen Splayed on his Hotel Room Floor Next to Assault Rifles” written by James Wilkinson and Ashley Kolman, the suicide of the Texas shooter is revealed and so are the aftermaths; if the shooter had not committed suicide, he would die in jail anyways. “He fired on the crowd

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