Personal Narrative: My Theme Song

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My Theme Song

Songs can connect with how we feel and our experiences. Music has been a major part of my life ever since I was just a toddler. For me music has helped me express what I am feeling and who I am as a person. My therapy has been music, it has helped me through almost every problem I have faced. With listening to the song lyrics, we can get a true understanding of what the artist is trying to tell us. I have listen to countless different genres of music throughout my life. What kind of music I listen to can change dramatically, for example, I can be listening to country for a month then start listening to heavy metal rock the next. Most of the time my mood controls the type of music I listen to or what I am doing. If I am playing sports I like to listen to music that pumps me up, but when I am driving in my car it could vary depending on how my day has went. The two genre that I have always listen to are pop and rock; to me these two genres can get me into my feels. Going through my senior year has truly put me through the test of life. I have cried from all the stress of homework, sports, and lack of sleep. One song that can capture all my emotions right now is a song by Kelly Clarkson called ‘Stronger.’ This …show more content…

This song has made me fight for what I believe in no matter if I lose some people on my journey. I can connect with this song emotionally not only because of its strong message but what it stands for. In the song Rachel talks about how if no one else believes, she still has a fight left in her. This message makes me feel like I will always have a fight in me no matter how hard life will get. This song is a perfect song for me, because sometimes I forget that my voice matter and it makes me realize that it does

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