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“I knew you were, you were gonna come to me and here you are but you better choose carefully, ‘cause I’m capable of anything, of anything and everything (Perry).” These are just a few of the alluring lyrics featured in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video. The scene is set in ancient Egypt and Katy Perry is portrayed as a powerful Egyptian ruler/enchantress. In the video, Perry draws in male suitors and after getting what she wants from them such as jewels and edible delights, she no longer cares for them. In the “Dark Horse” video Katy Perry appeals to a young audience through the use of elicit diction, Egyptian symbolism and an enchanting tone. Perry’s use of elicit diction is one of the many ways she lures in her male suitors. Perry uses …show more content…

When Juicy J is introduced close to the end of the video, he gives specific details about just how great her power is and what she is truly capable of. He states “She’s a beast, I call her Karma, she eats your heart out…” By giving us these details, Juicy J conveys Perry’s powers their effects. He even goes on to say “She’s sweet as pie but if you break her heart she’ll turn cold as her freezer”. Perry paints a picture of her enchantment when she is sitting on her throne excepting suitors one by one. It shows the enchantment of Perry because as she takes suitors one by one and deems them unworthy, the next suitor comes thinking he will finally be the one to ultimately please her. Perry prey’s on the men’s weaknesses and lures them in with a playful diction an ominous tone and powerful Egyptian symbolism. Her sultry voice and playful demeanor lure in her men in the video as well as her young adult audience in real life. A “Dark Horse” is a mysterious person who unexpectedly wins or succeeds. In Perry’s music video that is exactly what she is mysterious, unexpected and as ever triumphant in the end. Works Cited Perry, Katy. “Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J.” Online music video. YouTube. YouTube, 20 February 2014. Web. 21 January

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