Imagery In Shrek The Musical

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When I attended Shrek the Musical put on by Wylie High Schools Theater Department, I admit that I did not have high expectations. I had always enjoyed the Shrek movies, but was not prepared to witness the green Ogre come to life before my eyes. From the moment the characters marched down the isle of the auditorium, it was evident that many talented people had put time in effort into making this performance enjoyable and memorable. Shrek the Musical consisted of a tremendous cast, beautiful music, awe inspiring scenery in addition to heart felt imagery. The impeccable cast portrayed their characters perfectly, and I cannot imagine anyone being suited for any of the characters. Shrek, played by Barrett Phillips, carried a Scottish accent the …show more content…

During the musical, Shrek talks about how his life resembles an onion with many layers beyond his harsh exterior. Donkey furthers this metaphor by telling Shrek that he is hiding behind his scary and ugly face just because he is afraid to let people into his heart. He is afraid to show emotion and feelings to Fiona because he is hiding behind his onion layers. Donkey explained that Shrek’s layers were more like a parfait because each layer is beautiful and worth exploring. Shrek had always put up his layers acted as if he were an onion, stinky and unwanted. Another more straightforward and funny use of imagery was when donkey and Shrek arrive at the castle to save Princess Fiona, they realize that they have to cross a bridge over hot lava. Shrek reluctantly surrenders and agrees that he and Donkey had become friends. Now they were going to pass this life obstacle together and cross the bridge. In fact, the actual dialogue was, “Let’s cross this bridge together, like a metaphor.” Wylie High School’s production of Shrek the Musical definitely exceeded my expectations. I have a new respect for the time and effort these students put into the production. When the entire cast came together to sing the final song from the movie “I’m a Believer”, I realized that the entire cast and crew had done just that, they had made me a believer of their amazing

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