Theme Of Resilience In Shrek

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Shrek : Resilience SA The movie ‘Shrek’ released in 2001, is a great tale of love, and friendship. Shrek an ogre, leaves the comfort of his swamp to gain a deed to his land, on the way, he finds his partner, and friend for life. Throughout the film, Shrek develops resilience, despite it being a prior characteristic. Shrek shows resilience when he accepts his mistakes and apologises to Fiona, whilst he is doing this, he tells her how he really feels. Like Shrek, I developed resilience when I decided my behaviour was unacceptable and improved my attitude toward life, and learning. Throughout the film, Shrek develops resilience over numerous occasions, one short example is when he protests Lord Farquaad’s commands. Shrek over the course of the film showed great stubbornness; when he misheard a conversation between Fiona and Donkey, this gives him an improper impression. Shrek later realises his mistake, and to the surprise of many, he apologised to Fiona. Shrek showed great strength, and resilience by doing this, as he usually would not. Doing right by others is hard, and takes a lot of strength, and in making this decision, Shrek showed resilience. Another example of Shrek developing resilience is shown relatively close to the beginning of the film, this …show more content…

This act was particularly hard for me, as by now my behaviour had been fluctuating for a good amount of years and I got it in my head that this behaviour was normal, after I was kicked back into line after multiple suspensions, and a meeting with my parents, I strived for the best in my behaviour and education. In this act I showed resilience, as I kicked out a bad habit that had been causing me trouble for far too long. Sometimes you have to look at yourself and your faults, and decided how you can be a better person, this is incredibly difficult for most, and shows vast amounts of

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