Perseverance In Frank Beddor's Looking Glass Wars

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In Frank Beddor´s Looking Glass Wars, it is pretty much a twist of Alice in Wonderland, but not as crazy or goofy. Beddor changes it around so Alyss is princess in the magical land when her evil aunt, Redd attacks, forcing her to leave Heart Palace and all of her childhood behind. Her and the Wonderlanders have to persevere through the hardships of Redd and her army, The Cut. The Wonderlanders and Alyss stand up to Redd believing Black Imagination will be overrun by White Imagination. One of the several themes in the book is perseverance, and it is shown throughout the book through Dodge, Hatter, and Alyss. Dodge is showing perseverance when he tries to get revenge on The Cat for killing Dodge´s father. “A burning dormitory illuminated the …show more content…

“If she’d had time to think about it, Alice might have stopped herself, considering the idea too whimsical. But the words had a force of their own, and only after she said them aloud did she realize just how appropriate the idea was. ‘Let’s have a masquerade.’”, Alyss stays in London so long, she has a family and a prince asks her to marry him. Her and the Alyssians persevere through Redd 's evil schemes and decide they will stop defending themselves forever and go on the offensive to defeat Redd, and Alyss finds every bit of courage and says “‘I’ve finished running from you, Redd. It’s time for you to run.’” Some of the characters, like Dodge, Alyss, and Hatter, show perseverance in trying to defeat Redd. Dodge perseveres through the mental pain of The Cat killing his father and the physical pain of The Cat 's scratches. Hatter shows perseverance when he helps Alyss escape the palace safely and risks his life trying to find her. Alyss shows perseverance in trying to defeat Redd and finding the courage to stand up to her. This theme shows the reader that no matter what gets in your way, you can always fight through and

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