Rites Of Passage In Beddor's 'Looking Glass Wars'

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The statement “rites of passage” is commonly used to explain a major event in a person 's life. Everyone in their life will go through many rites of passage such as birth, marriage, prom, etc. Rites of passage are can often be found in literature such as Katniss Everdeen and Harry Potter. Another major one is Alyss from the Looking Glass Wars becoming more mature. In Looking Glass Wars Beddor uses rites of passage to convey Alyss becoming more mature in preparation to become a queen.

At the beginning of the novel, the author portrays Alyss as a creative yet bratty princess who loves to play around with people, yet does not seem to know how hard it will be for her. Alyss seems to like to create things using her mind, like how she gives a piece …show more content…

Even though she has memories of the land, she feels unsure about being the princess of Wonderland such as when she states “am I well? I shouldn’t say so.” (Beddor 218). No matter how much she tries, she can not get used to being as praised as she does. Even so, she seems like she is more confident than she used to be, such as when she states “i’ll kill you again if I have to.” (Beddor 313). She states this to Redd after exiting the maze and she seems like she would actually do this, rather than the younger Alyss who would be less likely to. Finally, she seems to have changed to be more thoughtful than before, like when she states “we’re family”. (Beddor 339). She seems to believe there is good in people, and seems to understand more about how if she fails, how it would affect others, even if she is not fully used to her land anymore.

Again Alyss’ seems to have grown immensely from this experience in many ways, especially the rites of passage she goes through . From a bratty but creative, easily trackable fun loving young princess. Into a mature, confident, intelligent queen who seems more worried the land she rules than herself. Even then she still seems to be the best for what she has to do, especially when compared to Redd. So that is Alyss Heart 's rites of passage in The Looking Glass

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