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Rajeh Alhajeri Christian Petersen ANTH 1100 04/26/2015 A High School Graduation In every society, there are certain times when the members of society move to a different point, or social role, in their lives. Often, these role changes are marked by rituals or ceremonies, which symbolize a move from one social stage of life to another. These ceremonies are also known as rites of passage, which are completed in three phases: the separation phase, the transition phase and the incorporation phase. Each culture has several examples of rites of passage that occur as early as birth and as late in life as death. One good example of a rite of passage is a high school graduation, because it marks a young adult’s transition from a student to a graduate. When you analyze the graduation ceremony, each phase can be seen and explained quite clearly. The first of the three phases in a rite of passage is called the separation phase. It is defined as the part of the rite of passage when the person is removed as a member of his or her previous society. In the case of high school graduation, the separation phase is when the whole graduating class of students are dressed in graduation …show more content…

When analyzing events, such as a high school graduation, it is important to see the three phases of a rite of passage, which are separation, transition and incorporation, also called the introduction or reintegration phase. In this specific rite, the student is first separated from peers and family. Next, the group of students who will graduate are announced in their graduation attire and seated together, but away from the rest of family and friends. Finally, they receive their diplomas and are introduced as new graduates to symbolize the shirt into the new societal role. The all occurs in a relatively brief ceremony, but the change that each graduate undergoes during this rite of passage will last for a

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