Character Analysis Of Hermia In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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What is Hermia Like? She is described as an independent individual who wants nothing but to follow her heart, but here’s the catch… That is not what her dad wants for her! She is better yet characterized as Feisty;She knows what she wants and does what it takes to get it, she was even prepared to give up on her family and way of life to marry Lysander. In this play she can be Defensive (Compelled to fight for her love and was willing to fight her friend) “O me, you juggler, you canker blossom, you thief of love- what have you come by night and stol’n my love heart from him.”( Act 3 scene 2 lines 283-284) But also Filled with integrity (Asking Lysander to sleep further away)“But Gentle friend, for love and courtesy lie further off in humane…show more content…
Leaving Hermia and Lysander to run away in the forest; Lysander then becomes a victim of misapplied magic and wakes up in love with Helena.The trouble comes when Hermia tells her plan to her friend, Helena.Helena loves Demetrius, so she tells him of Hermia and Lysander's idea to run away, and Demetrius follows them, this is where the fairies get involved.“Before the time I did Lysander see / Seem'd Athens as a paradise to me. / O, then, what graces in my love do dwell / That he hath turn'd a heaven unto a hell!'” which is a quote stated by Hermia; I think this quote is discussing what she think may happen to her if she follows her heart to marry Lysander she is unsure whether she will go to heaven or hell for the disobedient actions she has taken. So as you can see the love/hate triangle going on is very somewhat “Out of whack” There’s not much good coming out of how they feel about each other, definitely not a kind of relationship that I would enjoy getting deep into reading about, but I have to be honest this is a story filled with very eager and brave women who will go after what they want with no problem or scarce in their hearts(Sounds exactly like me)!
Now the relationship between Hermia and Helena can be a bit extravagant; They became best friends to be enemies over a guy
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(He wants his daughter to marry demetrius who he knows better than Lysander). Causing him to be very strict and wants things to go his way. Egeus is then becoming angry with his daughter because of her disobeying actions in wanting to marry Lysander instead of Demetrius; Quote:” As she is mine, I may dispose of her which shall either be to this gentleman or to her death” (Act 1 scene 1 Lines 41-45) But in the end he becomes agreeable and allowed Hermia to love Lysander, But here’s the thing if the Fairies did not get involved Egeus would have went ahead and executed His own daughter for her disobedience. Hermia And Lysander on the other hand, took a walk in the park discussing why he cannot fall in love or marry her(Egeus would not allow it) then we come to the scene where Lysander is misapplied with magic and wakes up in love with Helena; That is one crazy scene in my
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