A Midsummer's Night Dream And The Odyssey Comparison

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Every story is different; however, they can share similar qualities. Stories can be powerful as the characters experience mirrors similar pathways to ourselves. For instance, obstacles or unknown events and how they find a way for it to resolve can look like our own. A great story contains many different elements. A Midsummer’s Night Dream and The Odyssey are two exciting stories that share similarities and differences. Three important elements between these stories are the conflict between the characters and their decisions, the characters that tell you about themselves and their personality and the setting of the story that give you an understanding of where these characters story takes place. Conflict is a disagreement or argument that …show more content…

Odysseus and Penelope are in love since Odysseus won her hand in marriage by beating her father Icarius in a footrace. Hermia and Lysander have been in love since they were young. Another reason why these characters are in love is because they won’t give up for each other. Odysseus doesn’t give up for Penelope and tries to return home to her and Penelope doesn’t stop wishing for him to come home. These characters are all taking risks. Odysseus is taking chances and risks by trying to return home and anyone who is an enemy will try to make it impossible or make it difficult for him. Hermia is taking a risk by disobeying her father and could ultimately lead her to death, but Hermia would do anything to be with Lysander. A difference between all characters are their personality. Odysseus is an old aged, brave warrior that is wise and courageous. Hermia is a young, beautiful and desirable woman. Lysander is young, handsome man who is in love with Hermia. A few of the characters from Midsummer’s Night Dream and the Odyssey are selfish. Demetrius is trying to steal Hermia from Lysander, whom he knows is alive and is probably planning ways to kill him. The suitors are trying to get Penelope to marry them but have no idea where Odysseus is and if he’s even

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