High Noon Compare And Contrast

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Many stories you read are similar in many ways if you just look. However they are difference in the way they act as different situation effect different things. In the story High Noon it’s about a marshal that stayed to fight the Antagonist, Frank miller, he is scared and desperate for people to help him fight. In the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” it’s about a world class hunter that is stuck on a island and must fight against a hunter than thinks hunting humans is right, and he must survive for 3 days from this very skilled hunter. The stories High Noon and “The Most Dangerous Game” are different in many ways, one is the similarities between the protagonist, there is also many different between the setting and conflict. In both stories the Protagonist are scared out of their minds, but they fight to survive, even though they are scared of dying. “I’m not trying to be a hero! If you think I’m like this, your crazy! Amy, look. This is my town. I’ve got friends here” (Foreman 296). Even though Kane doesn’t want to fight and he’s is most likely gonna get killed. He stays fights to protect his town he says he doesn’t want to be a hero just save his town. Kane and Rainsford both try to defend them self’s and fear who their going …show more content…

“I suggest, too, that you avoid the big swamp in the southeast corner of the island. We call it Death Swamp. There’s quicksand there” (Connell 17). In the small island Rainsford has more than General Zaroff to worry about, as there are natural traps all throughout the island. In the town the marshal has much cover, however there are people that live in those houses, so he must not fight near them. Also the town is very open as it’s a town with little people. In the small island their are many natural traps and it’s filled with tree making it the perfect place to hunt, however you can’t run as it is surround by

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