Drummer Boy Of Shiloh Comparative Essay

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Based on historical facts, Bradbury's story is a believable portrait of events the night before the battle of Shiloh. The characters in "Drumbeats and Bullets" are, Orion
Howe, and Johnny Clem. The characters in "Drummer Boy of Shiloh" are, the general, and Joby. The author of "Drumbeats and Bullets" is Jim Murphy.The author of "Drummer
Boy of Shiloh" is Ray Bradbury. These two stories are different in some ways, and similar in others.
The character info is different and similar in these two stories because of the following reasons. One reason is "Drummer Boy Of Shiloh" is about a drummer boy's experience. A reason that this is true is, the story is about the drummer boy is talking to the general. Another reason is, different and similar is,
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The information is similar and different in these two stories. The info in these two stories have differences and similarities for the following reasons. the first reason is, "Drumbeats and Bullets" is more about the Civil War in general. As opposed to being just about Shiloh. The second reason is, "Drummer Boy of
Shiloh" is mostly about Shiloh. The third reason is, that they are about the Civil War.
One detail about this is, that one is informational, and the other is fictional. The info is similar and different in these two stories.
The genres are different and similar in these stories. One reason is "Drummer
Boy of Shiloh" is biographical and fiction. A sentence that supports this genre is,
"glancing at the story, I realized how ignorant I was to the facts surrounding that drummer boy on that particular day so many, many years ago." (Bradbury) The second reason is, "Drumbeats and Bullets" is historical and nonfiction. Another reason is, these stories could also be in the genre of Civil War. The genres are similar and different in these two stories.
I think that these are similar. However, they are are also different. Some things that are different and/or similar are the information in the story. Also, the
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