Comparing The Changes Of Texan's Culture And Traditions During The Civil War

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A Texan’s culture and traditions had changed during the Civil War and its reconstruction. Holidays, traditions, and celebrations were all modified thanks to the war that has brought our nation to what it is today. Some examples of these traditions include the Yellow Rose of Texas, Texas Christmas, and Juneteenth. The Yellow Rose of Texas The Yellow Rose of Texas was a song handwritten in 1836 in Texas, but it wasn’t officially known until 1858 in New York when it was copyrighted. Nobody knows the true composer of the Yellow Rose and its purpose. Even with the mystery of the song, it became a big hit throughout the world. The Yellow Rose gained fame through Europe’s musical performances and to the soldiers during the Civil War. Even though the song was very popular, the songs original version had many grammatical errors in it because of its origin. It was a very old folk song coming from Colonial Texas, so the language we are used to now was different back then. The song words are misleading, making it about a soldier that leaves his lover for the war. The song had to be changed because of the terms used in the song that were racist towards the African American party in America, especially during …show more content…

Texas has many Christians from many cultures, so they usually celebrate Christmas by getting together with their families nearly the entire day. During the Civil War, it was difficult to celebrate Christmas because most of the materials and/or gifts before the Civil War were made in the North (except cotton for clothing), therefore, families couldn’t celebrate Christmas in a positive attitude. The wars in the Civil War had also disturbed the peace of Christmas which made Christmas a very difficult time to have a time with your family. Also, since most food came from the North, having a feast in Texas was very scarce, so Texas had to use the goats for meat and milk for

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