Comparing Finish Of Patsy Barnes And The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh

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In stories, historical context is used by authors to affect the challenges and triumphs characters face. When writing, Authors pick certain time periods in order to use historical context to shape the story. In “The Finish of Patsy Barnes,” by Paul Laurence Dunbar and “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh,” by Ray Bradbury, the authors choose time periods that have great effects on characters’ actions and thoughts as well as the plot of their stories. In “The Finish of Patsy Barnes,” by Laurence Dunbar, Patsy is faced with a time full of racism and poverty. He grows up dealing with segregation and the mistreatment of african american people. When his mother gets sick with pneumonia, he needs to find a doctor that will take care of her. However, when he finds someone he can work to afford, the doctor treats them badly. “I don’t see what you people come up here for anyhow. Why don’t you stay down south where you belong” (Dunbar 195). When the doctor says this to Patsy and his mother, it shows just how hard it was the be african american during that time. This interaction, however, motivates Patsy to find a way to …show more content…

Ray Bradbury set this story to be on the eve of a battle in the Civil War. The main character, Joby, is portrayed as a young boy who was sent off to be the drummer boy for a Civil War troop going into battle. Joby is afraid of what might happen, and if he will make it home to see his family. The war general notices this the night before their next battle and comes to speak to him. “You are the heart of the army. Think about that. You are the heart of the army. Listen to me, now” (Bradbury 204). When the war general says this along with many other encouraging words to Joby, he goes from being a scared boy to a prepared, confident young man ready to fight. Joby knows now his importance to his troop, and is no longer afraid of what is yet to

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