Comparison Of Joe Turner's Come And Gone

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The effect of including the long stories in the text of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone is a strong sense of credibility and unity in Joe Turner’s work. After reading through each story thoroughly one is able to identify the key component he included in them all, which is the struggle experienced by African American people. For example in King Hedley II, the struggles of an ex-convict “trying to make a life for himself in the 1980’s” are explored. The stories create a slow yet constant rhythm for the play because it takes time to identify the struggle of the African Americans, which is why it may seem slow at times but the struggle can be seen on a constant basis. It affects the readers or audiences response by allowing them to establish a sense …show more content…

Just as religious groups carry some sort of higher power they believe in with them, Floyd’s friend are portraying their religious beliefs by stating that they had seen angles during the funeral. Another image that makes a strong impression on my is Floyd's frequent singing on the radio. To me, this symbolizes the joy everyone had for Floyd and his music. Although he had been murdered he, along with his music and career were still cherished by the people he loved most. These stories events relate to Joe Turner’s Come and Gone because they both indulge in the subject of happiness after one has lost a significant other. In the case of Come and Gone Herald and Mattie have a discussion about their respective mates leaving them, which is then followed by Herald establishing a connection with Mattie though he has forgotten how to touch. In the case of Floyd, he was a popular blues musician, looked up to by numerous people for his talents, though it all goes to waste when he is mysteriously murdered upon his first big time release. In terms of their meanings, I believe they relate in the sense of telling the story of a struggling African American male. Herald was a slave and a prisoner who has set out to beat the obstacle in his life and find his wife and

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