Summary Of Gem Of The Ocean By August Wilson

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The author August Wilson is known for writing ten plays based on each decade about the way African Americans were treated in the 20th century. Him being half African American was able to relate and was vivid to the way they were treated. Although, slavery was abolished but discrimination and racism continued which did not made them free and did not obtained the respect that they so much seek. In this essay I will discuss what effects does slavery still have on the characters in Gem of the Ocean, some forty years after its abolition? Why is this important? Even after the abolition of laws to protect African Americans from slavery it has proven to be only but a false promise to protect them against discrimination and racism, and leaving them with doubt in their hearts of future suffering for generations to come.
Furthermore, the subject of slavery is subject that the author want to use to make one understand what suffering an African American person continue to experience. In addition, Austin Wilson has been a great historian towards the suffering of African Americans. Moreover, Austin Wilson’s play make us comprehend the severity of the discrimination and racism. On another interview with Patricia Gantt she states:
“ Wilson did acknowledge himself to be "a race man," claiming the Black Power Movement of the 1960s as "the kiln in which I was fired," the experience that caused him to see how deeply embedded race and racism are in the culture of the United States (2001,12). He felt that race is the single most important aspect …show more content…

For instance, In Gem of the Ocean; Austin Wilson demonstrate through his characters that not only is slavery not dead but that the effect of racism and discrimination is also very much alive. Furthermore.
Slavery is not been abolished and is very well being practiced by other races and sadly by their own

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