Character Analysis Of Mother Shipton From The Outcasts Of Poker Hard

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The way people respond when faced with danger and stress is a well known theme in American literature. Mother Shipton, from the Outcasts of Poker Flat, whose whole heart and actions, dramatically change throughout the novel. Henry’s, from the Red Badge of Courage, whole persona shifted as he began to find his inner bravery and do whatever he could for his fellow soldiers. The two characters find themselves in a conflict of sacrificing themselves or saving their own lives. In the Outcasts of Poker Flat, Piney’s youth results in Mother Shipton's change of heart, in the Red Badge of Courage, after being cowardly and selfish through the battle Henry overcomes his ego and steps up. In the Outcasts of Poker Flat, Brett Harte involves a character that has to face conflict and adversity. Mother Shipton along with many others, is ran out of Poker Flat by a group of people who did not agree with their actions. While traveling through a wicked snowstorm, the group came across Tom Simpson and his love, Piney. Mrs.Shipton and the Duchess disapprove of the young couple because they believe that Piney is too young and naive. Overtime, Mother Shipton comes to love Piney and treats her as if she was her own child. As this motherly affection grows towards Piney, she eventually gives her …show more content…

At the beginning of the story, Henry starts off as a self-absorbed youth that wants nothing more that to be thought of as a brave courageous man. Henry’s longing to live outweighs his desire to sacrifice himself for his country. When he finally realizes that there are more things to worry about rather than himself, he becomes more daring and manly. Henry’s big act of bravery is when he carried the white flag at the front of the line which is immensely brave. All in all, Henry overcame his selfish ways by thinking of others and carrying the flag in the chaos of the war (Red

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