Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And The Red Badge Of Courage

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In the “Red Badge of Courage” and “Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglas, an American Slave,” the main characters go through great personal development. Both Henry and Fredrick have growth in their courage, perception, and bravery. The similarities are very potent through both stories' tones as well. Frederick goes through so much pain and torture as a slave and eventually learns to stand up for himself. Henry does something similar by gaining courage through his wartime experience but is also incredibly different compared to Frederick.

In both stories, it’s very prevalent that both characters wish to gain their sense of redemption. Henry in “The Red Badge of Courage” started his experience in the war bright-eyed and with stead-fast conviction to achieve greatness in his military career. He wanted to be brave and take on the enemy with vigor. In time he grew to fear battle and he tormented himself with his own perceived cowardice. He then decides and urges himself to prove to his fellow soldiers his valor. Similarly, Frederick in “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” has been dropped to the deepest point in his life and is completely broken by Mr. Covey. He regains his sense of courage …show more content…

The tone that both stories portray is very prevalent as well. Both have a sense of dread in hopelessness in the beginning. This is shown through the death of comrades and injuries of the men around Henry and through the harsh living conditions and utter hell that Frederick must endure throughout his time as a slave. Then later both stories transition to a more hopeful and future-minded aspect. Henry wishes to show off his bravery and charge into battle side by side with his comrades which he eventually does, even taking up the flag of the fallen flag carrier. Frederick also finally escapes his conditions as a slave and moves north through his writings, showing off the improvement of life as a free

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