How Does Frederick Douglass Present The Theme Of Courage

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Courage, shown through mental toughness and physical actions in everyday situations. For instance, war veterans show physical courage fighting for their country. Others show mental courage by simply getting through the day with a positive attitude. The text “ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” by Frederick Douglass and the movie The Red Badge of Courage by Screenwriter John Huston, both focus on content related to the civil war/slavery and how it changed people. Both writers aim to show the theme of courage and identify that courage is not an attribute shown by all and not easily performed. The two pieces of work exemplify courage through physical actions, as well as, mental challenges. Physical courage, profoundly shown by Frederick in the text, “ Narrative of the …show more content…

After Thomas does not help him he chooses to fight back against Covey. If Frederick had not been courageous he would still have been beaten. Frederick standing up for himself and fighting back showed courage through his bravery to change not only his life but every person enslaved. Comer 2 Another example of physical courage comes from The Red Badge of Courage film. Henry shows courage to fight for his country’s freedom, advancement, and rights for all. Henry, a member of a regiment that vows to fight for others while becoming a hero for his country. Courage is portrayed by Henry through risking his life for his country. After Henry goes to war, however, he is filled with fear and cowardness. Courageousness comes over Henry in this instance when he chooses to take the flag and charge forward. Henry faces his fears and becomes a hero for his country. Mental courage examples are shown in “The Red Badge of Courage” and “ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”. Displayed in each, the main characters are faced with personal, difficult, and ethical problems. These challenges may not have had a “ good “ answer but because the characters were brave they were able to

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