What Are The Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And The Red Badge Of Courage

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In everyone’s life there is at least one time where a person has to gain courage to survive. A certain feeling that no one wishes to endure. Two people experienced that gut wrenching feeling more than once. Based on the two literary works “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” Slave Narrative by Frederick Douglass and John Huston the screenwriter of the movie, The Red Badge of Courage based on the book by Stephan Crane. Frederick Douglass and Henry Flemming both show mental and physical signs of courage. Fredrick Douglas was an American slave who didn't have the easiest life. He was strong, fit, and had a great work ethic. But living on little food, working from before dawn until after dusk wasn't ideal. One morning …show more content…

He got back to Mr. Covey’s and started on his work. Not long after, Covey came at him with a long rope and Fredrick knew what was about to happen, but Fredrick had a different mindset this time. Frederick knew that if he didn’t act fast this beat down was going to leave his whole back raw and skinless just like the times before. He was over hurting and finally at his breaking point. Frederick states “; but at this moment—from whence came the spirit I don’t know—I resolved to fight; and, suiting my action to the resolution”. P. 546. Frederick pinned down Covey and was not going to let him “get hold of him”. It was a battle of one man against another but one with more hate. A certain brave spirit arose over Fredrick. He used all his might and claimed his personal freedom by attacking Mr.Covey. Frederick showed his physical courage by not letting Mr.Covey win the fight. His mental courage came into play when he decided to stand up for himself against his owner. Frederick states that Covey was shaking after the incident and never came after him again. He had won his battle like many others exemplifying bravery and integrity. The Red Badge of Courage is a story about bravery and integrity. Just …show more content…

He would run away and hide out in the woods. Just to avoid the war. This was extremely cowardice of him and selfish. Once he got over that fear of dying, Henry set an example for all to hear his story. He ran in the front line across the battlefield as a soldier. First firing, then becoming the flag bearer. When the other flag bearer was shot down Henry knew he had to take that chance and respect the flag. This shows the great mental and physical courage Henry held on the battlefield. It takes a great amount of physical courage to put your body in an open field while being fired at. On the other hand it takes a lot of mental courage to not carry a gun along your side while on the battlefield. It takes a special person willing to risk there life just to hold up a flag, although Henry did just that. All it took was mental toughness and some courage before he was sprinting across the battlefield ready to give up his life for his country. He won his battle despite his threatening situation. When people are punished, beaten, or put into a life threatening situation they usually react negatively. That is because nobody really wants to lose their life, since they only get one. Henry and Fredrick cared more about making a difference in

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