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The Red Badge of Courage The type of book report I am writing is a plot summary, character analyses, and theme analyses. The title of the book is The Red Badge of Courage. The author of The Red Badge of Courage is Steven Crane. The Red Badge of Courage takes place during the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia in the era of the Civil War in 1863. The characters I will be discussing in this book are Henry Fleming, Wilson, and Jim Conklin. The Red Badge of Courage is centered around a young man named Henry Fleming who decides at a young age to enlist in the military. Henry later discovers different sides of himself that he didn’t know even existed. Henry is burdened with the feeling of fear that he has and goes to other soldiers and tries to get them to admit that they are fearful as well. While talking to other soldiers, Henry runs into two other soldiers, Jim Conklin, and Wilson. Henry gets into his first battle after a really long time of being in the military and he doesn’t do too bad, but it’s in Henry’s second war that we see his fear overtake him and he runs for the mountains for safety. Henry later headed …show more content…

In The Red Badge of Courage, the theme of courage is tied to masculinity. At first, Henry Fleming feels like he can’t prove himself without first proving his valor. In all, his courage is proven through his proven through his deep commitment and greater cause of the Union Army. We also see Warfare as a theme of The Red Badge of Courage. Crane does his best to embrace the thoughts and ideas of war from a single perspective contrary to a group view as well as the psychological battles faced by an individual, which can sometimes be seen as far more important than the battles actually fought on the field. The last theme that I find important is the theme of transformation. The transformation of this story is a psychological one. This transformation is driven by countless trials of the soldiers in the

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