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In the text, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”, by Ray Bradbury, a young boy is facing a conflict. Joby, a 14 year old Drummer in the army, is awaiting the battle the next morning. He is nervous and scared because he feels vulnerable against the muskets . The general of their battalion helps him steady himself, and Joby feels better. Sometimes in life people lose confidence in themselves, but through the support of other regain their confidence.
“Leaving him with this drum which was worse than a toy in the game to be played tomorrow or someday much too soon.”(1). This quote shows how Joby was scared because he only has a drum, while all of the other soldiers have muskets and weapons they can use. He loses confidence in himself and feels vulnerable. The part, “worse than a toy in the game to be played tomorrow,” is showing how he feels like a toy. He feels vulnerable and useless. This shows the part of my theme when he loses confidence in himself. …show more content…

He gave the orders, but Joby set the pace!”(3). This shows how Joby is beginning to regain confidence in himself. He had been feeling vulnerable, but now he feels confident in himself. The general had seen him crying, and had come to comfort him. He had told Joby how he was the general when the general wasn’t there, and that he set the pace. This boosted joby’s spirits because he realized that he had a very important job in the army. If he set a fast beat, then the army would go to the battle at a higher speed. Also, if the general had to give an order during a battle but couldn't tell everyone, he would tell the drummer to play a certain rhythm that everyone knew. This shows how Joby regained his confidence because he was reassured by the general and told that he was

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