Civil War: The Battle Of Shiloh

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“The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.” It 's a quote from U.S. Grant referring to the Battle of Shiloh. Not a lot of people might not know about the battle of Shiloh. That may be because it was an early battle of the Civil war. The Civil War was a conflict that was fought between the Southern Confederates and the u Northern Union. The war was originally about slavery and keeping the United States intact. One cause of the Civil War was Abraham 's election in 1860. People in the south thought once Lincoln was elected, he would immediately abolish slavery. They threatened to leave the U.S., and they did. South Carolina was the first to…show more content…
The battle of Shiloh was one of the first major battle of the civil war which taught the Yankees and the Confederate the war wasn 't going to be easy nor quick. It was a grand Union victory. The victory wasn 't all that perfect though, U.S. Grant was allegedly drunk on the first day of the battle. Which cost him a lot of lives and the trust of other people. His reputation was hurt, but it also gained Grant heroism. It was very important for Grant to conquer as may states as he could.The union victory also gave Tennessee to the north which held a firm grip on it.It was a first major battle for the civil war and it had a lot of casualties on both sides that it showed the war wasn 't going to be fast nor easy. In the battle a great general was killed Albert Sidney Johnston it lessened southern morale Grant was heard to be drunk on the first day of battle which was April 6 and it caused him to gain others trust again which took him some time which he could have used to make more progress.It also gave Grant the thought the war wasn 't going to be easy and that the south was not going to give up easily. The casualties that showed that they weren 't going to give up was unbelievable. An estimated number of 23,000 casualties on both sides happened. A total of 110,053 soldiers were engaged in the battle, 65,085 from the North and 44,968 from the South. It was declared the bloodiest battle in its day. The determination of both sides showed that they were not going to give in.…show more content…
The battle of Shiloh could not have been a better battle practice and a wake up call for the Rebels and the Yankees. It really prepared them both for what would come, it most likely made them feel overprotective over their territory. Knowing this, you should know that this battle was just a small portion of the 4 year war. So many people had fought people to set slaves free and to keep the U.S united. You might not know how exactly the soldiers felt in battle, but you could feel the pride the Union felt when they
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