Civil War Battle Antietam Essay

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Did you ever hear the Civil war battle Antietam? You haven’t! Well it’s time you learned because it’s the Bloodiest one-day battle in American history.
The North’s leader for the battle is McCellen and Hooker. The South leaders are Robert E. Lee and Jackson AJ. Jones. The battle took place at Maryland near Sharpsburg. The places the battle took are the “Potomac River, National Pike, and Antietam Creek” (Civil war. org).
The Start Of A Bloody Battle
At first, Robert E. Lee Was invading America for the first time and wanted a good victory very badly. McClellan doesn’t want to lose again but, he thought that Lee had more solders than him, when the Union (North) had more solders. When Union soldier found Robert E. Lee’s plan for attack McClellan thought to himself …show more content…

“During the battle McClellan divided his army into three grand columns or wings fanned them out across a 25 mile wide front to meet every possibility”(Hoptak 2010). Then he wrote to Gen. William Franklin, saying” My general idea is to cut the enemy in two and beat him in detail” (Hoptak 2010).

Outcome Of The Battle
When the battle ended lots of soldiers died. More than 27,000 soldiers died in the battle. The Union had lost (Confederate killed) 2108 soldiers, 9540 soldiers wounded, 753 soldiers captured or missing. The Confederate (South) lost (Union killed) 1546 soldiers, 7752 soldiers wounded, 1018 soldiers captured or missing. This is why the battle of Antietam is the bloodiest battle in American history.
Emancipation Proclamation
The good thing about the battle is it ended in a stalemate (both sides lost and won but the South fled so it was Union victory). That’s when Abe Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation. It’s the speech of freedom for slaves. Lincoln didn’t announce it sooner because he wanted it announce it on a victory so he didn’t look weak and needed

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