High Noon And The Most Dangerous Game Comparison

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Though "High Noon" and "The Most Dangerous Game" are two different stories, they have some comparisons within the context, such as the characters, settings, themes, and the conflicts in the story. In the the Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Connel, a hunter learns how it feels to be hunted while be stranded on an island. In High Noon a retired sheriff learns the true meaning of responsibility and trust when he has to face a group of gunners, alone. In this essay, I will compare and contrast the stories and see what they they have and don't have in common to see how it affects the story. Although The Most Dangerous Game's Rainsford and High Noon's Will Kane have two different settings in their own stories that have similarities and differences they may affect the outcome of the story. "Rainsford gets ahold of a springy young tree sampling, he fastened the knife to it, and pointed it towards the end of the road". "As Kane realized the barn house he was in was burning from the lamps, he saw Colby sprint through the door with two guns and fires swiftly at Kane's direction, missing, Kane shoots him in the chest and kills him". In these scenes, Both the antagonist and protagonists try using their own separate setting …show more content…

In paragraph Three, I explain what the roles of the characters are and how I can be compared and it's affect on the story. In paragraph Two, I talk about the ways the conflict could be compared and how it changes the result of the resolution. And finally in paragraph One, I talk about the setting and how it changes the likeliness of fighting the antagonist. High Noon and The Most Dangerous Game have important parts of the storyline that can be compare, but also has its own differences, these comparisons and contrast can explain how the resolution, and conflict is the way it

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