Similarities Between Odyssey 'And O Brother Where Art Thou?'

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“O Brother Where Art Thou?” is a comedy, adventure film produced in 2000. Many of the scenes in this film are based off the Odyssey, which is an epic poem by Homer. It is based on a true hero’s journey back home. There are many correlations and yet differences between the Odyssey and the film. Although the overall plot of “O Brother Where Art Thou?” is vaguely similar to the Odyssey, there are certain “episodes” that closely mirror the film’s classical influence. First, both Odyssey and “O Brother Where Art Thou?” begins with an invocation to the Muse. The film begins with a statement “O Muse! Sing in me, and through me tell the story.” This is a translation of the first line of the Odyssey. Moreover, Ulysses, Everett’s fist name means Odysseus in Latin. It the film, Everett escapes from jail with two prison buddies and they meet a railroad homeless man who is a blind fortune teller. This is similar to when Odysseus escapes from Calypso and various other monsters with a crew and runs into Tiresias. …show more content…

First, Odysseus and Everett share an abundance of epic hero qualities. Everett shows his courage when he disguised as KKK to free Tommy. This parallels to when Odysseys and his crew hide under the sheep and defeats the mighty Polyphemus. Everett is a cunning, quick-tongued, sharp leader, which is the same as Odysseus. Also, Pete and Delmar appear to be as dumb as the crew written in the Odyssey. However, there are some characteristics that do not seem to match up. Odysseus is shown to be loyal, generous, and trustworthy but we cannot see much of these personalities on

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