Compare And Contrast Everett And Odysseus

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Once in a while leaders can get occupied, even the considerable ones, however they must understand that they committed an error and must endure the outcomes. Various leaders lead for the recognition. Odysseus from The Odyssey and Everett from O Brother Where Art Thou were both astonishing leaders and their men admired them. In spite of their likenesses there are a few things that set them apart. Despite the fact that Everett and Odysseus are similar, Everett has better initiative abilities, which at last causes him and his group get to where they have to go. Odysseus and Everett are both on a journey to get home. In The Odyssey, Odysseus has been away for a long time, twenty years to be exact. He was at the Trojan War for ten years and it took him ten more to get home. In O Brother Where Art Thou, Everett got away from the other prisoners that he was chained with so he can go home and win his wife back. The two men are vain. In O Brother Where Art Thou, when Everett and his men are endeavoring to settle their escape vehicle, Everett should get auto parts, however he was apprehensive over his hair treatment. This demonstrates Everett can get off track effectively with regards to his …show more content…

Both of the men Odysseus and Everett are extremely vain, they are both overwhelmed by their self-image. Odysseus gets diverted by a beautiful goddess and doesn't leave for some time, his men need to instruct him to go. Everett however falls into a similar circumstance, yet can undoubtedly spring back into action. After Odysseus and Everett commit an error Everett apologizes to his men and requests forgiveness. However Odysseus hushes up about his sentiments. In every one of the leaders today and along time prior lead for various reasons, how might we lead in various

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