Conflict In The Looking Glass Wars

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In the novel, The Looking Glass Wars, Frank Beddor uses conflict to transfer the character Alyss Heart from a teasing, inexperienced, and playful little girl, into a mature, imaginative, and wise young woman. To begin with, Alyss Heart was a trickster who often teased when she was young. However, through conflict faced in a new world, Alyss soon becomes a mature and kind person. For example, at Alyss’s own birthday, “She would have rather hidden...dropping jellyjollies from an open window…” (Beddor 11). This statement shows how Alyss was a child who often liked to trick others. Although Alyss may have been a trickster when younger, she later matured into a kind person through experience in “...struggle...unfairness, corruption…” (Beddor 102).

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