Character Analysis Of Cassia In Ally Condie Matched

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Some people believe that characteristics of a person never change and that a person acts a certain way for their whole life but really it's the experiences they go through in their life that changes them whether it be good or bad. This is true in life and in literature in Ally Condie Matched where the main character Cassia’s characteristics and the way she acts change almost completely because of the things she's overcome and been through. She overcomes many things in this book and at the Engels results is her changing he overcomes harsh and overpowering rules that at first she followed obediently but she comes to realize the rules are more than what they seem and they're stopping her from the one thing she wants which is love. cassia, in the beginning, may have started out as an obedient pupil p her society but by the end, cassia turns into a brave courageous character that knows what she wants …show more content…

She followed her heart to love Ky even though they weren't matched. She followed her heart no matter how hard it seemed to go through with it and even though the officials warned them she still continued. To add on Cassia's change was so drastic that the officials had a list of Cassias rules she's broken the straight far ward cassia changed Into a courageous rule-breaking girl who broke the rules to be with someone she loved. “ the official see the twist of my lips and started to list examples of ways I've broken rules of the society in the past two months all the rules I broke for ky” Condie chapter 31. There for showing how much she over him. Her courage to follow her heart for the one she loves so very deeply. Her change towards the end of the book was all influenced by

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