Literary Hero Dbq

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Typically an literary hero can blow lasers and fly, or Helps children all around the world, But a literary hero is the hero who makes mistakes so s/he can become better.

Is anyone really the hero or the good guy? Because life is only an opinion of good or bad. Both Penelope and Odysseus did bad or even Horrible things. Like when Penelope said “I armed myself long ago against the frauds of men, Imposters who might come and all those many whose underhanded ways bringing evil” (Document F,) Or when Odysseus said to the suitors “There will be killing until the score is paid. You forced your way into this house. Fight you're way out…” (Document K.) Both of these can be said to be bad, good, or moderate items. So Penelope and Odysseus are not, …show more content…

Other than this and the bravery and courage it took to get through the suitors. She didn’t do that much. She's a hero, but arguably and opinionatedly, she's a background character who had to do what she had to do. A person once said “there is no main character, just many characters doing what they have to, to survive.” (Unknown.) Penelope is a strong, smart, and cunning woman, who didn't need help or crap from anybody. When she said “So every day I wove the great loom, but every night by torchlight”(Document B.) It was a smart move on her half, she knew a way to hold of the suitors until her husband came back. She is the original “Strong woman” Icon. She didn't mess up as much as Odysseus, But didn't do as much either. Another Heroic part is when “She will marry the man who can string odysseus's bow and shoot a arrow through twelve ax-handle sockets.” (Document C) This is heroic because it would take bravery to do this, One of those men just might have been able to do it. That and what is they decided that she is coning them? She is doing really good for a women in a patriarchal society of ancient

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