Chanda Character Analysis

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The Evolution of Chanda Although many people see people surrounded by AIDS as weak humans with loose morals and personality, there is another stand on AIDS. In Chanda 's Secret 's by Alan Stratton the unrelenting truth is revealed that everyone has a story, a situation, which matures the person or destroys them in a way that society try’s to categorize. Throughout the novel Chanda is the tool in which this is revealed through heart wrenching experiences and life lessons. Her strong compassion and convincing courage are unique quirks to her personality that show how she takes a stand in her AIDS infested community, as she changes the stereotype. . One of the first parts of Chanda’s personality that matures and grow over the text is her “Of course she misses us. Just like we miss her. […] don 't worry. No new is good news. Soly tries to smile, but he can 't. He doesn 't believe me. Why should he I don 't believe me either” (136). This is an authentic kind of courage appearing out of Chanda. She is shows us that it is more important for her brother to feel safe than let him take on the weight of doubt she carries. She does it, even though Soly doesn 't believe her. Here the reader can clearly see her courage and selflessness because she is going about putting herself of harm 's way to protect her brother. On page 186 when Chanda is talking to Mrs. Tafa about Emmanuel and the truth behind his death. Mrs. Tafa was in total disarray over how she …show more content…

Her courage shines through when she steps up and does selfless acts. She lets her compassion and acceptance shine when she does goes through the hard time with a positive open attitude even though she is suffering on the inside. Chanda’s gradual transition to womanhood is made apparent through these incredible actions and

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