Xander Dialectical Journal

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“I don’t care about the artifact, he says, and although he still does not touch me, I am warmed at the fire in his eye. “I couldn’t sleep all night, worrying that I’d gotten you in trouble. I care about you”” (Condie 211). Cassia is 17 years old and just got matched with Xander her best friend from childhood. When Cassia sees a different face on her microcard she starts to question if her match is the right one. Although Cassia loves Xander she has been reunited with Ky Markham and is starting to fall in love with him instead of Xander, and now she is not sure what she is going to do. In this journal I will be predicting what happens to Cassia, connecting with her, and visualizing what happens in this book. I predict that Cassia will fall in love with Ky and choose him over Xander. One reason I think this is because she is spending so much time with Ky. She is with him everyday at hiking class and he is teaching her to write in cursive so they are growing closer. I think that Cassia has feelings for Ky that are stronger than her feelings for Xander. Another reason I think this is because Cassia found out it wasn’t a mistake that she saw Ky’s face on her microcard. When she was talking with Ky he said that the officials accidently gave him a match even though he wasn’t supposed to have one. “Then they showed me a picture. The girl who …show more content…

One part in particular was when Cassia received a package from the officials. I could see in my mind the picture frame with a piece of the green satin dress she wore to her match banquet. “It’s a scrap of my dress from the Match Banquet. In keeping with tradition they have placed the silk between two pieces of clear glass with a small silver frame around the edge” (Condie 248). I could also picture her brothers face of wonder as he watched her open the package thinking it would be his grandpas watch. This scene was one of many that was easy to visualize in this

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