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English term 1 year 10
Did you ever want to be in a war? Neither did Ellie nor did she think she was going to be. Ellie is a character from a world wide book call tomorrow when the war began this book focuses on what a group of teenagers in Australia that went on holiday into the bush and while they where in had world war three start without them knowing. This essay with be following the character change the Ellie takes through out the book showing how she can go from self centred book worm into a leader and lover. Because of this war everything changes from the world around them to there own ideals and beliefs this forces Ellie and here friends to mature and change throughout the book over the course of the novel. By the end of the novel Ellie …show more content…

This can be seen in this quote “Corrie and I had spent many hours under its shady roof, holding tea parties, organising our dolls’ social lives, playing school,…”(p105) when see states this quote it is the first time that she thinks back on how easy her life really used too be showing that she is starting to realized that she used to be a judgemental person. You can see her throughout the book slowing moving away from the person that she used to be moving away from her idea that she is some all perfect person/ a teenager that is better then everyone else her age and around her but by the time that she evolves throughout the story showing that she is not just a know it all but also a great …show more content…

We can see this right the way throughout the book as all of the characters slowly get used too and normalize the style of life that they are living along with the guerrilla warfare slowly throughout the movie. “I felt my life was permanently damaged” (p.95-97) Ellie start this as she found out the war had started but by the end of the book she said things like . If I knowingly did things like blowing up bridges, then the fact that by sheer good luck nobody was hurt didn’t let me off the hook. Once I’d made my decision to go with the tanker I’d been ready to live with the consequences, whatever they were” (p.277-278). Showing how she had evolved with the times of war adapting and overcome the change and challenges that laid Infront of her. Coming around in a full circle showing how the author showed his purpose in righting the book in that we must adapt and over come the change that life has

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