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Tomorrow When the War Began- Literary Analysis of Fiona Maxwell
The stillness of the Australian bushland was shattered by the deafening roar of the enemy planes, and our innocence was lost forever, never to be sighted amongst the angst of survival!
Tomorrow, When the War Began is a novel by John Marsden, published in 1993. The book is the first in a series of seven novels, and it has been widely praised for its exploration of complex themes. The novel begins with a group of seven teenagers who embark on a camping trip to a remote area of the Australian countryside, Hell. When they return to their town a few days later, they find that it has been invaded by a foreign army, and all their families and friends have been taken captive. …show more content…

These characteristics are represented when Ellie first proposes the idea of going camping in the remote bushland area, Fiona is initially tentative to go because she knows that her parents will not approve, as she is afraid to go against their wishes and does not want to upset them. Ellie then suggests that they simply ask Fiona’s parents for permission, Fiona is hesitant but ultimately agrees. She is relieved when her parents give her permission to go.” Well, I’d like to. Wait a sec, and I’ll go and ask.” (Marsden, 1993, p. 9) This reliance on her parents is consistent with Fiona’s portrayal as a shy and introverted character who is not used to taking risks or making decisions on her own. Fiona is not yet confident in her own abilities and relies on others, including her parents, to guide her and make decisions for …show more content…

As the group becomes more experienced in their guerrilla warfare tactics, Fiona becomes more confident in herself and her abilities, her growing confidence and assertiveness, which are evident when Fiona takes the initiative and suggests a plan of action, to explore the showgrounds. After discovering that their town had been invaded, the group was initially unsure of where they should go. They knew that they needed to hide from the enemy soldiers and regroup to come up with a plan, but they were uncertain about where to go. It was then that Fiona suggested that they checkout the showgrounds. Fiona believed that the showgrounds might be a good place to find out more about the captives, and appeared as a good place to hide as it was open enough to see if any soldiers were approaching, but also had enough cover for them to remain hidden. “Fi spoke up. ‘I think we should try to find out more about the Showground. If we know that everyone’s there, that they’re unhurt, that they’re being fed properly and all that sort of thing, it’d make such a difference.’’” (Marsden, 1993, p.172- 173) Fiona’s suggestion shows that she is beginning to think strategically and consider different options for the group’s survival, and the possibility of discovering confined loved- ones. She is no longer relying on others to make decisions for her but is instead

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