Adele Erenburg's Impact On America After Ww2

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Our Country has prevailed over many disastrous events, but after barely recovering from the great depression and with the break of another World War, what will the cost be upon America? After World War1 left the World in shreds and America in the Great Depression, America was resisting involvement in World War 2. The main cause of WW2 was Hitler's resilient urge of taking over more land. Hitler had conquered Germany and was invading other Countries on his quest to gain more power and land. America firmly stood as a neutral Country after learning what our involvement in ww1 did to our Country. Germany soon gained allies that posed a threat to America. The biggest threat was when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Our Country was least expecting it …show more content…

It was a brutal war, but it also signifies a new era for our Country. Thanks to World War II it created positive impacts on America, by allowing opportunity for our women, our economy, and our rationing. Since the beginning of time women have been oppressed by the restrictions society has posed. Until a real breakthrough was made during ww2 which allowed women an opportunity to prove ourselves. In Document #6 Adele Erenburg shares her story with us. She was drugstore clerk during the time of the war, she was eager to help our Country in time of need, but felt that being a women limited her to stereotypical roles. She found that, “Defense work was the beginning of my emancipation as a woman… I found out that I had manual dexterity and the mentality to read blueprints and gauges, and to …show more content…

With the War going on the world needed plentiful variety of supplies and gear which created more jobs to produce the mass demand. As shown on Document #5 the graph shows that during the time of war our economy was flowing which allowed our currency to increase. With supplies in high demand for the whole world it opened a plethora of jobs. After the Great Depression jobs were desperately needed and fortunately for ww2 it created more for men and women which finally allowed our economy to get back on its feet. In addition to more jobs, our Country found new respect for our working class. Document #4 shows a picture of a Navy officer shaking hands with a working man and woman with the caption “I’m proud of you folks too!”. This picture shows the gratitude for all our working Americans, when typically the work engineers and mechanics perform get overshadowed by the gratitude we have for our soldiers. Through this picture it shows the newfound respect that we as a Country have towards all kinds of work that is contributing to our country and not just the soldiers. The effects of World War 2 allow more people to do earnest work that was

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