War Of 1812 Dbq

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The events that contributed to the United States going to war in 1812 included the issue of the British upsetting and insulting the United States in which they eventually got fed up with. The British would stop the United States ships then they would come on to the ships and then take whoever they thought was an Englishman and they would then force them to join in on the royal navy. This meant that they were essentially treating them as if they were British subjects. This whole thing was known as impressment and it essentially was disrupting American shipping to France, which is called naval blockade. Great Britain did not want the United States to provide the French with supplies and food, so they set up a blockade. The British were at war …show more content…

However, the United States was able to show Great Britain that we were not giving up very easily, and we were not willing to give up Canada, which we had recently received. Even though the British had burned down Washington D.C, “there was also hurricanes, tornadoes, and fire” , Americans were still able to push through it against them, and eventually we agreed to sign to a truce with the Treaty of Gent. The war also led to the “era of good feelings” and it created a sense of unity for the nation. It also “destroyed the Federalist Party and proved to the world that the United States was not just an experiment” but that it was the real deal. The effect that the war of 1812 had on United States politics was there was a growth in the United States manufacturing. When the war interrupted American trade, Americans had no choice but to start making the goods that they were previously importing here in the United States. So, we ended up making more goods here then we were importing. Therefore, the United States making more goods led us to believe in the stability of our country. Another effect was that the United States finally proved that we could defend ourselves against the world’s strongest military …show more content…

This colony however, was founded mostly for profit. “The settlers settled in a swamp, which then led to diseases and relatively high mortality rates.” The diseases killed many of the colonists, but it left a low number of people who had survived. Because of all of the diseases, lack of food, and also problems that they were having with the local Native Americans tribes, Jamestown was almost a failure. But when new people had started to arrive, “it brought up the numbers to 400 in 1609.” There was also a period called the “Starving Time”, which essentially was when many of the colonists were dying off from starvation or starvation related diseases. Many of the people had actually started to eat each other and the colony was literally falling apart. But things started to get better when they started to build houses and start to grow crops to survive on. They eventually established the “House of Burgesses, and in 1619, this became the first elected assembly in colonial America.” Then in 1619, twenty blacks had started to arrive in Virginia and the colonists had them work as servants and picking tobacco. Another colony in colonial America was Massachusetts, which was founded in 1630 by a guy named John Winthrop. Massachusetts however, was not profitable like Virginia was, but it was going to increase naturally

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